BSS. Essential Guide  (ED.3 JAN 13)

  • Checking procedure for Private Vessels.

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BSS. 2002 Guide for Hire and Commercial Vessels

Do I need a Boatsafety Certificate ?

If your boat is open it probably doesn't need a boatsafety certificate even if it has an outboard engine, as long as it hasn't got an inboard engine ,or a permanent inboard fuel tank.lpg, or electrical system. **** Always check with your navigation authority.

Which BoatSafety Certificate do you need ?

There are Two Types of Boat Safety Certificate.


1. Leisure.

Examined to the 2005 check list which is a watered down version of the original 2002 check list, so allowing for some advisories. 


2. Hire/Commercial

Examined to the 2002 Part 10 check list no advisories, and part 10 includes things like life rings and safety glass fitted amongst other things. Please click on the link above for the full list. There are also  exemptions regarding the age of some boats. Not all examiners are qualified to do the 2002 pt.10.checks. There is a list of authorised examiners on the Boatsafetyuk website.   


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